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3.3mm - 8mm Day/Night AI Lens

Model No. EXLE3308ADN
Focal Length 3.3mm - 8mm
Field of View 83- 34
Format 1/3"
Mount C/CS


2.6mm - 13mm Auto Iris Lens

Model No. EXLE2613A
Focal Length 3.3mm - 8mm
Field of View 94- 26
Format 1/3"
Mount C/CS


6mm - 60mm Auto Iris Lens

Model No. EXLE0660A
Focal Length 6mm - 60mm
Field of View 44- 4
Format 1/3"
Mount C/CS


2.5mm Board Lens

Model No. EXLE025B
Focal Length 2.5mm
Field of View 100
Format 1/3"
Mount Board


2.8mm Board Lens

Model No. EXLE028B
Focal Length 2.8mm
Field of View 94
Format 1/3"
Mount Board


6mm Board Lens

Model No. EXLE06B
Focal Length 6mm
Field of View 53
Format 1/3"
Mount Board


8mm Board Lens

Model No. EXLE08B
Focal Length 8mm
Field of View 50
Format 1/3"
Mount Board


12mm Board Lens

Model No. EXLE12B
Focal Length 12mm
Field of View 20
Format 1/3"
Mount Board


16mm Board Lens

Model No. EXLE16B
Focal Length 16mm
Field of View 18
Format 1/3"
Mount Board


Complete Camera with DVR

Mobile Surveillance with wireless internet capability

Complete Point of Sales Solutions

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