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Enterprise Surveillance Manager - ESM 3.0


EVM Model

Enterprise Surveillance Manager (ESM) is an enterprise-class IP video surveillance management solution. ipConfigure’s ESM has been architected as an HTML-based application and runs in the background as a Windows service (as opposed to a “fat client”). It can support an unlimited number of cameras across a distributed infrastructure of servers, databases, and networks while maintaining hardware independence and superior performance.

As an HTML based application, ESM 3.0 removes the need to install or license client software. Accessing live and archived video across the enterprise is intuitive and seamless. Advanced map navigation, archive search histogram, synchronized multi-camera playback, and an alarm monitoring interface provide the most advanced feature set available.

  Advanced Mapping

By fusing imagery, terrain, facility mapping and video, the advanced mapping feature lets the user focus on their task at hand, no matter the size of the system.

  Search Histogram

ipConfigure offers the only database driven search histogram that displays recorded video events by-the-minute, re-inventing the search for motion based video recordings.

  Multi-camera Playback

Multi-camera playback is just one of the many rich features being added to ESM 3.0. Now it's possible to observe objects moving from one location to another while never loosing them on camera.

  Camera Push Motion Detection

The addition of camera based motion detection support increases the number of cameras a single server can support in addition to removing camera network traffic until motion is detected. This feature also supports both centralized and distributed storage architectures.

  Services Service-based Application

Unlike most IP video applications, ESM 3.0 runs as a service in the operating system and does not require the application to be left open on the desktop. If the server should reboot for any reason the ESM 3.0 application will automatically restart.

  Database Open Database Architecture

ESM 3.0 supports common database engines (MSDE, SQL, Oracle and DB2) that deliver a robust and secure architecture capable of supporting unlimited cameras, users and locations while making possible the integration into third party applications.

  Alarm Monitoring Client

The Alarm Monitor Client is a central communication and monitoring application where system components connected to ESM 3.0. When an event occurs the application displays the event on the user interface in real-time while facilitating live, playback and reporting functions.

  Unlimited Users

Based on Internet Information Services (IIS), a powerful Web server, ESM 3.0 provides a highly reliable, manageable, and scalable Web-based application with the capability to support unlimited users simultaneously.

  Point of Sale Integration

Open database architecture provides the first integrated Point of Sale solution that incorporates user defined transactions data searches into the reviewing process.

ESM 3.0 is compatible with leading IP camera manufacturers including Axis, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Lumenera, IqInvision, IPIX, Bosch, and JVC. The system supports any combination of manufacturers’ products while providing a unified interface and support for advanced features including high frame rates and mega-pixel resolutions. ESM camera license management is database controlled and does not utilize MAC address based management. This simple license management model allows for the updating, moving and replacement of cameras with out issuing new license keys.

A three-tiered application model running as independent Windows’ services is at the core of ipConfigure ESM 3.0, including a Database, Web server and Archiving service. Each of the services can run collectively on a single server or can be distributed across multiple servers making the application highly scalable while remaining robust and secure.

As the convergence between IT and security accelerates it is critical that today’s requirements and tomorrow’s growth needs can be satisfied. ESM 3.0 delivers those capabilities by providing unparalleled scalability, compatibility, manageability, and usability.


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